Another cycling superstar has joined the Northwave family: Cedric Gracia is not only an extraordinary athlete in offroad’s disciplines on the World stage, in Downhill and now in Enduro, but also represents an exceptional icon thanks to the unconventional style that made him so popular among thousands and thousands of fans all over the World.

In 2015 season, the French biker will be equipped by Northwave with brand-new Spider Plus 2 shoes, part of the 2015 All-Mountain range and characterized by the exclusive X-Crossbow Michelin soles, designed in close cooperation with the French tires’ company and firs unveiled in Eurobike Friedrichschafen (Germany) in August 2014.


Northwave Spider Plus’ design and technology at the feet of the most unconventional rider in the offroad “circus”, Cedric Gracia: maybe this partnership was written in the destiny of two realities who have both reached the top by relying on the same values – passion, constant improvement and a unique way of communicating it – as well as themselves.

Northwave’s Owner and Founder Gianni Piva has opened his company’s doors to many World-Class athletes over more than 20 years, and knows exactly what Cedric Gracia’s landing means: “I’m confident that this partnership will mark an important phase of our history, as it happened with Mario Cipollini and Paola Pezzo, among others. Our brand and mood have always matched in great fashion with athletes with strong personalities and kind of ‘crazy’ – in a good way, of course. As a matter of fact, people called ourselves crazy when we first introduced a pair of shoes of two different colors! Cedric has had an incredible career so far, and we expect him to add over to it with Spider Plus 2, a unique product in its class. I can’t wait to see where this partnership will lead us”.


“It’s a big pleasure to join the big Northwave family”, Cedric Gracia said. – “The brand’s history is plenty of successful partnerships with top-riders like Cipo (Mario Cipollini) and Missy (Giove), as well as Fontana and my friend José Hermida nowadays: those guys are killing it and definitely have something special into them! Thanks to the Northwave crew – when a match is perfect, I guess team work will pay off even better!”


Superior grip and shock absorbing are the key features of Northwave Spider Plus 2 shoes, part of the 2015 All-Mountain range by Northwave, which soles have been co-developed with Michelin. The innovative X-Crossbow Michelin soles provide excellent grip and traction on all-terrains: the tread realized with OC Compound recalls those of Michelin’s race tyres, from which it takes its outstanding capacity to dump mud and dirt, in order to keep the tread clean all the time. In addition, the exclusive double crossbow construction provides superior response in the heel area, resulting in an improved shock absorbing capacity.

Realized in ultralight PU fabric, the upper features the innovative multilayer construction: while keeping the same thickness as an ordinary monolayer, the upper features several layers of different materials, bringing improved qualities, better comfort and reduced weight. Spider Plus also features Northwave’s exclusive and patented Speed Lace Winch 2 (SLW2) closure system, the only one on the market to allow total and micrometric opening by using only one button.

Onigo di Pederobba (Italy), February 25rd, 2015
Cedric Gracia wears: Northwave Spider Plus 2

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This week-end CG was in Valloire France for the 3rd round of the Enduro World Series where he took the 4th place.


Nothing better than racing at home!

The weekend went good for me; on Saturday I won 2 of the 3 stage of the enduro, even with a crash on the stage 2.

On Sunday I had the choice of the gate start but I don’t really like those start I always get into trouble ; ) but this time everything went well and I won the first final with 38s. Final number 2 I got a better start and run away after 8 minutes of the track.

Like I say it’s always good to win at home!

Special thanks to Martí for the brilliant work on my Santa Cruz Bronson during the weekend and of course all the sponsors for the great support.

The Sergeant


Picture: Cyril Charpin photographie /

Picture: Cyril Charpin photographie /

Picture: Cyril Charpin photographie /


Before I start the newsletter I want to take the opportunity to thanks Pit Stop for this incredible weekend ! Kevin had a little accident during the week and he made anyway with Cyrille to support the Brigade ! Ones again thanks for the support !

Going to les 2 Alpes I knew the tracks will be fast and long and I was happy as well than all the liaison was on chairlift : ) Stage one was definitely the hardest physically with a big and long climb ! On my side I missed the cut at the track than people was taking and lost a lot of time there without forgetting as well than I climb the track in a steep section because the tape was gone and I didn’t t want to cut ! Then I run up the course and went back to the track ! Lost again around 15 seconds !

All the other track was more technical, with good overage of high speed and corner in the grass.

Bryan and myself had a blast riding in les 2 Alpes and we want to thanks as well the people from les 2 Alpes for the lodging and the warmed welcome.

Bryan had a good weekend ending 18 overall and myself 7th !

Bryan And myself used the full range of bikes from Santa Cruz, Bryan raced with the Bronson and I raced with my Tall boy LTC, 2 different bikes but 2 incredible bikes for Enduro riding !

We are consistence and we are feeling more confident for the racing coming soon.

Thanks so much to the sponsors for the incredible support.

The Sergeant


Picture: Arthur Chambre Photographie /

Picture: Arthur Chambre Photographie /



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