This week-end CG was in La Thuile in Italia for the 4th round of the Enduro World Series where I took the 11th place.


This week-end CG was in Valloire France for the 3rd round of the Enduro World Series where he took the 4th place.


Hello everyone , I promise I will show the videos but before I had to make it softer, not as hard than it was before cutting it and putting it together ! With this video I want to show you than everyone crash good or bad ! but sometime little crash can turn into a chaos and simply could be your last crash !
We all need to know some basic to be able to help someone ! I know it sound easy but it a lot better when you have your mates who can probably save you from a bloody situation (you will know what I mean).
WARNING : even if I took a lot of the hard core and bloody scene , we can still see some ! Be prepare

Special thanks to my heroes
Ming,Kaffy,Thibault alias Bobby and all the others as well between Dr Ring , PGHM, Rescue crew …..

The sergeant



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