Four month after the surgery I decided to race the Megavalanche in La Reunion Island. I decide to choose the Tall Boy 29er from Santa Cruz to see what the 29 can offer !

Well really interesting for sure after qualifying 11th after two crash I was happy about the results and riding the full week with the same set of tires from Panaracer ! The Rampage on the front and the CG in the rear with normal tubes. After a horrible start I manage to cash a lot of people in the technical and I cash the top 6 guys. I decided to stay with them to recover and place my attack later! After ¾ of the race I decided to attack but bad luck I went a bit sideways in the sugar cane, I crash and lost the air in my front tire! Too bad, I was in the top 6 and I was ready to make a move because I was feeling fresh I want to say sorry to my physio and doctor for not listening and race like a mad man!

Thanks to Santa Cruz, Mavic and Kevin to build the first 29er to race the Megavalanche ! Too bad to didn’t end up in the top 6, could be a good reward for my sponsors and friend.

The sergeant



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