One more Sea Otter in my book ; )

Every year I am waiting for this event! Why? Because it’s fun and busy and I see my American fan’s.

My dual slalom race went real good it was fun to ride with my Santa Cruz teammate for the weekend and be able to ride with my friend Palmer! What a laugh ; )

I got a little bite over heated by the sun, and in 1/2 final with Kyle I start to have problem to see straight ; ) We had to stop the course for a bite for me to be able to recover after a little vomit in front of the gate : ) Sorry about that !!!

I manage to win my looser final against the world champ Dani Hart ; ) that feel good.

I got 3 rd and pleased about that.

Next day i was ready for the DH. I place 8th with a satisfaction of (I didn’t try hard enough!) But after that I realize than I was the only one with Greg on DH bikes and everyone in front was riding small bikes ; ) it was a DH on the paper then I took my DH bike ; )

In my own little world, I won in my class then ; ) the DH CATEGORY if we can call it that way.

I want to thanks Santa Cruz for all the help they provide me and the mechanics as well to pimp my bike everyday and apologies to Jason for vomiting on is shoes! Sorry!

3 rd and 8th in one weekend, not so bad for a frenchy : )

Big thanks to the sponsors for their support.

The Sergeant



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